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Friend Makin’ Mondays

17 Jan

Kenzie over at All The Weigh does this awesome FMM and today it’s a survey…

1.  Why do you blog?  I’ve actually only been blogging for a week!! But I did it to meet people in the same position I’m in, and most importantly, hold myself accountable and document my journey!!

 2.  What is your favorite TV show? I have so many… but It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia, Breaking Bad, Arrested Development and Curb your Enthusiasm are my top favs!

3.  What’s the first thing you drank this morning?  Water!

4.  Are you married, single or in a relationship? Single, hayyyy.

5.  List three of your hobbies.  Shopping, crafts and decorating, and taking pictures!… oh and an extra one for ya, movies.  I see pretty much everyyyy movie in theaters -gross I know… I should be a movie critic…

6.  What do you like most about yourself?  The fact that I’m super genuine… I keep it real!  And my green eyes =)

7.  List a couple of your favorite sites:  Lots of blogs, amazon, aol radio and pandora, also facebook and perezhilton when I’m bored and trying to kill time! lol

8.  What’s the last book you read?  Never Let Me Go for the millionth time…. The movie was fantastic as well!

9.  Can you whistle?  Yep!

10.  List your favorite sports teams.  Well I’m more partial to sports players since my favorite sport is tennis… therefore I’m team Rafael Nadal!!! lol but in football it’s the Colts and basketball… I love the Celtics and Lakers!

11.  What’s the last thing that made you smile?  My friends… they’re amazing!

12.  Do you prefer mayo or mustard?  Mustard I guess… I hate mayo, but I can stand a teeny bit of mustard!

13.  Do you have a crush on someone?  I guess you could say that!

14.  Do you get up early or sleep in?  Early!

15.  Do you attend to church?  No, I want to start going again though.

16.  Would you rather see a movie at home or in the theater?  I love the theater! 

17.  Was there a teacher or authority figure that ever truely stood out to you? No…

18.  What is your favorite game?  Words With Friends and scrabble!

19.  Cupcake or potato chips?  Cupcakes… ALWAYS! I got that sweet tooth.

20.  Tell us something random that we wouldn’t know to ask.   I’m obsessed with the iPhone app Hipstamatic! it’s the greatest photo app ever.


Vamos Rafa!

16 Jan

Sometimes it feels so good to just relax!

Today I woke up and watched football… then went to the store to look for a book, and then came home and watched some more football. 

 More importantly though….

The Australian Open started today!!! I love tennis more than any other sport.  I played it for 12 years and there’s nothing I love more than watching Men’s Tennis!!  The Australian Open is one of the four Grand Slam events all year, so it’s a super big deal.  I’m sad two of my fav US players are out in the first round, but my FAV American player, John Isner plays tomorrow, and my other favorite Americans, Mardy Fish and Andy Roddick, won today and they’re on to round two.   And although I love and support my fellow Americans, my absolute fav player is Rafa!! Rafael Nadal (from Spain) for those of you that don’t follow tennis… he’s the number one player in the world and super fun to watch.  There’s so many great players in this game and I have so many favorites, but Rafa will always be my number one!

After taking a little break from tennis, I watched the Golden Globes.  Did anyone else watch?  Any one have any favorites that did or didn’t win?  I was on The Social Network bandwagon…

Anyway, back to the healthy stuff.   Food has been good… workouts have been non existant this weekend.  Tomorrow though, I’m working out with my bff at 9am so that will get me back on track… plus seeing all the stars all skinny in their pretty dresses is huge motivation! haha I know it’s not good to compare, I’m just sayin they look great and I’d love to look even half as good as them body wise!! Obviously some of them are too skinny, but you know what I mean!Andway, I’m super excited for a new week… and I’m even more excited for this TOM to pass.  Cramps are gone though, so that’s good.  

 Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

I love the weekends!

15 Jan

I love the weekends so much!  But they kind of confuse me.  I feel like I should be sleeping in and relaxing, but I also feel like I should be getting stuff done!   I guess there is nothing wrong with combining the two though…

Still on track… it’s almost been a full week!!  When I lost weight before, it took me about 2 weeks to get use to it, and fully be able to resist temptation.  I guess what they say is true, it takes 2 weeks to break a habit!  Now I just need to get back into the gym every weekday.  While I did go a few times this week, I could have gone more.  So that’s what my goal is this week!

Also, I tried a recipe that isn’t very healthy…  I made this Cake Batter Bark, but modified it a bit.  I only made the white chocolate layer, and i put a little more cake mix in, because one tablespoon wasn’t enough for me!  I broke it up into a million pieces and am just having one little piece as a treat.  It’s DELISH!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  I’m off with my bestie to see the new Ryan Gosling movie, Blue Valentine.  Is there ANYONE sexier than him?? Maybe Johnny Depp, but that’s it.


TOM. Dammit.

14 Jan

Crampsssssss.  I just wanna curl up and watch a movie… in fact, I think that’s what my Friday night will be consisting of.

My official weigh in day is going to be Fridays.  I decided to give myself 2 weeks (well almost, 12 days) before my first weigh in… so I am trying to be realllly good until then!!  I haven’t worked out yet today because of my cramps, which is funny cause exercise is one of the best things to help cramps.  So after I make dinner I think I’ll do the Bob Harper DVD or something on demand!!  Hope everyone has a great Friday!!!

Thursday… Day Four!

13 Jan

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday!!  I promised myself I wouldn’t just do this for a few days then quit… I’m sticking to it along with the eating healthy and working out.  I think for me this is going to be a huge part of my success!

Yesterday was superrr busy for me!  I had a job interview, went to work, went to the gym, AND my best friend in the whole world came home and brought his new girlfriend (he lives on the East Coast) so we all hung out and went to a movie. ( DO NOT see How Do You Know?, It could quite possibly be the most boring movie ever made, which is sad, because I LOVE everyone in it!!)

Eating  was good though!! and I stayed within my calories and worked out!  This is getting a lot easier.  I’m getting really excited to weigh in!

Weight loss TV shows….

11 Jan

I watch these shows like crazy.  I’m sure it’s a little unhealthy how much I watch any show that has anything even remotely relating to weight loss, but  for me it’s  such a great motivator to stay on track… even if they are losing weight at an unhealthy pace, like the Biggest Loser!  It’s great to see people changing their lives.  I Use To Be Fat on MTV is kind of addicting too, same type thing.  The girl last week, Marci I think is her name, lot 90 pounds in 90 days… WHAT?!  That’s just crazy.  But it’s fun to see the transformations.  I’m really excited for the new show HEAVY on A&E.  It seems a lot more serious and they don’t win any money. 

Anyway, day two so far has been a success!  I know two days doesn’t seem like much, but i feel like the first few are the hardest for me, coming off of eating anything I wanted.  This journey to a healthier me is feeling right this time.  I don’t think I’m gonna make it to the gym tonight, (working late) but I’ll definitely be doing Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method video!!  First day of it… hope it’s a good one!

End of Day one… Almost.

11 Jan

So my eats are over for the day.  This will be the hardest part for me… I always do so well during the day, then when I’m relaxing and watching TV  I start munching and don’t stop.   So now the kitchen is closed!   Food for today is as follows… (soon I will be adding pictures, I’m still new at this lol)

 Breakfast: a clementine, and a chicken burger patty (weird I know, it was one of those mornings where I didn’t want breakfast food!)  180 calories

Lunch: Carrots, Broccoli and hummus, tuna with a spoonful of greek yogurt, and Special K crackers –  290

Snack:  Fresh Mozz Stick (They’re from Trader Joe’s and they’re amazing! They look like string cheese but they’re fresh Mozz) 70 calories

Dinner:  Trader Joe’s potstickers,  spinach salad with veggies, 330 calories

Dessert:  Small banana dusted with unsweetened cocoa powder 90 calories

As I add this up I’m realizing that’s only 960 calories for the day… I was trying to stay at 1200… so maybe if I get hungry later I’ll have an apple or some cottage cheese.   But I’m not hungry at all, and I’m just trying to get use to eating better.  It’s crazy how much better you feel when you eat healthier foods as opposed to Red Robin, heavy chinese food, McDonalds, etc.  I mean my eating isn’t perfect by any means, I know I’m not getting enough fruits and veggies but I’m just getting back into the swing of things!  When I lost weight previously, I did exactly this, minus the working out and I still lost weight at a steady pace.  So I just got to stick to it.  I’m excited!!  

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my weight loss goals, rewards, and other goals for the year… And I know at this point I’m blogging to no one, but it’s nice to document it all. =)

EDIT: Just had some Ovaltine and a 100 cal pack of popcorn!