Vamos Rafa!

16 Jan

Sometimes it feels so good to just relax!

Today I woke up and watched football… then went to the store to look for a book, and then came home and watched some more football. 

 More importantly though….

The Australian Open started today!!! I love tennis more than any other sport.  I played it for 12 years and there’s nothing I love more than watching Men’s Tennis!!  The Australian Open is one of the four Grand Slam events all year, so it’s a super big deal.  I’m sad two of my fav US players are out in the first round, but my FAV American player, John Isner plays tomorrow, and my other favorite Americans, Mardy Fish and Andy Roddick, won today and they’re on to round two.   And although I love and support my fellow Americans, my absolute fav player is Rafa!! Rafael Nadal (from Spain) for those of you that don’t follow tennis… he’s the number one player in the world and super fun to watch.  There’s so many great players in this game and I have so many favorites, but Rafa will always be my number one!

After taking a little break from tennis, I watched the Golden Globes.  Did anyone else watch?  Any one have any favorites that did or didn’t win?  I was on The Social Network bandwagon…

Anyway, back to the healthy stuff.   Food has been good… workouts have been non existant this weekend.  Tomorrow though, I’m working out with my bff at 9am so that will get me back on track… plus seeing all the stars all skinny in their pretty dresses is huge motivation! haha I know it’s not good to compare, I’m just sayin they look great and I’d love to look even half as good as them body wise!! Obviously some of them are too skinny, but you know what I mean!Andway, I’m super excited for a new week… and I’m even more excited for this TOM to pass.  Cramps are gone though, so that’s good.  

 Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


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