Friend Makin’ Mondays

17 Jan

Kenzie over at All The Weigh does this awesome FMM and today it’s a survey…

1.  Why do you blog?  I’ve actually only been blogging for a week!! But I did it to meet people in the same position I’m in, and most importantly, hold myself accountable and document my journey!!

 2.  What is your favorite TV show? I have so many… but It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia, Breaking Bad, Arrested Development and Curb your Enthusiasm are my top favs!

3.  What’s the first thing you drank this morning?  Water!

4.  Are you married, single or in a relationship? Single, hayyyy.

5.  List three of your hobbies.  Shopping, crafts and decorating, and taking pictures!… oh and an extra one for ya, movies.  I see pretty much everyyyy movie in theaters -gross I know… I should be a movie critic…

6.  What do you like most about yourself?  The fact that I’m super genuine… I keep it real!  And my green eyes =)

7.  List a couple of your favorite sites:  Lots of blogs, amazon, aol radio and pandora, also facebook and perezhilton when I’m bored and trying to kill time! lol

8.  What’s the last book you read?  Never Let Me Go for the millionth time…. The movie was fantastic as well!

9.  Can you whistle?  Yep!

10.  List your favorite sports teams.  Well I’m more partial to sports players since my favorite sport is tennis… therefore I’m team Rafael Nadal!!! lol but in football it’s the Colts and basketball… I love the Celtics and Lakers!

11.  What’s the last thing that made you smile?  My friends… they’re amazing!

12.  Do you prefer mayo or mustard?  Mustard I guess… I hate mayo, but I can stand a teeny bit of mustard!

13.  Do you have a crush on someone?  I guess you could say that!

14.  Do you get up early or sleep in?  Early!

15.  Do you attend to church?  No, I want to start going again though.

16.  Would you rather see a movie at home or in the theater?  I love the theater! 

17.  Was there a teacher or authority figure that ever truely stood out to you? No…

18.  What is your favorite game?  Words With Friends and scrabble!

19.  Cupcake or potato chips?  Cupcakes… ALWAYS! I got that sweet tooth.

20.  Tell us something random that we wouldn’t know to ask.   I’m obsessed with the iPhone app Hipstamatic! it’s the greatest photo app ever.


2 Responses to “Friend Makin’ Mondays”

  1. Kenz @ All The Weigh January 17, 2011 at 9:27 PM #

    Okay so I’m single too! Haaaay! =) And I love Words with Friends! If you want to play, I’m “ShrinkingKenz.”

  2. Stephanie January 17, 2011 at 9:46 PM #

    Nice to meet you! I am following you from All the Weigh, Friend Making Monday

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